About #BrumHour

By Dave Massey twitter.com/BrumHour

Hello! Welcome to the BrumHour website.

Since beginning in December 2013 the BrumHour Twitter account has built over 25,000 followers, from businesses and freelancers networking with Birmingham.

The #BrumHour hashtag is regularly the top trend on twitter in Birmingham on a Sunday night sometimes trending nationally.

We invite you to join in and tweet about your business, freelancing, charity work, venue or good cause during #BrumHour. Organic tweets from the #BrumHour account were seen over eight million times in 2019 (This does not include retweets of other accounts.)

Below are two examples of tweets by those taking part in #BrumHour:

So what are you waiting for?

Create a Twitter account follow twitter.com/BrumHour and get networking your work with Birmingham every Sunday at 8pm. on Twitter.

See you there!

If you would like to sponsor #BrumHour visit the sponsorship page here: brumhour.co.uk/sponsoring-brumhour