About #BrumHour

By Dave Massey twitter.com/BrumHour

Hello! Welcome to the BrumHour website.

Since beginning in December 2013 and throughout the pandemic, the BrumHour Twitter account has built over 28,000 followers, from businesses and freelancers networking with Birmingham.

The #BrumHour hashtag is regularly the top trend on twitter in Birmingham on a Sunday night sometimes trending nationally.

We invite you to join in and tweet about your business, freelancing, charity work, venue or good cause during #BrumHour. Organic tweets from the BrumHour account were seen over eight million times in 2019 (This does not include retweets of other accounts.)

Below are two examples of tweets by those taking part in #BrumHour:

So what are you waiting for?

Create a Twitter account follow twitter.com/BrumHour and get networking your work with Birmingham every Sunday at 8pm. on Twitter.

See you there!

If you would like discover more about sponsoring #BrumHour visit the sponsorship page here: brumhour.co.uk/sponsoring-brumhour