By Dave Massey

Please email with the subject line: Sponsorship Enquiry for more details or to place an order.

“You are invited to network with Birmingham every Sunday at 8pm during #BrumHour which could be sponsored by YOU!”

Sponsoring BrumHour

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BrumHour is looking monthly sponsors for the X/Twitter account which has nearly twenty eight thousand followers. Posts/Tweets are seen over 700,000 times each month, over seven million times per year.

With a 51% male 49% female split, and over 80% of BrumHour’s audience on X/Twitter are based within the West Midlands.

Previous BrumHour sponsors include: CMA VideoGreater Birmingham Chamber of CommerceBirmingham Podcast StudiosKimbley ITDigbeth Arts Space and Ecorys.


Sponsorship packages currently start on the first day of each month and run until the final day of each month. The package includes two tailored Posts/Tweets per day which tell the #BrumHour audience about the sponsor, as well as inviting them to get networking with Birmingham each Sunday. In addition to the two daily Posts/Tweets, the package includes three Posts/Tweets on Sunday during #BrumHour itself. Bringing the total number of Posts/Tweets per week to seventeen.

Monthly packages are available across 2024 for £499. (A special 50% off discount package is available for registered charities and not for profit organisations Please email for more details.) Book before 31st March 2024 for a special price of £399.

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